Tracks of the Month

July’s Featured Artist: Adam Miller

Adam Miller, Australian fingerstyle guitarist and composer, stopped in Logan Utah in July, and delivered an inspired concert. His songs, his innovative use of a looping pedal, and his articulate guitar style mark him as “a future guitar legend.” He invited three local guitarists onto the concert stage, which added variety and exposed Adam’s musical generosity and versatility. The concert featured songs from Adam’s latest cd, Shifting Units. That cd includes solo acoustic versions of his newest compositions, as well as electric ensemble versions of the same songs. The acoustic guitar versions are amazing, and the electric versions include cello, bass, and organ playing from some of Australia’s finest musicians. Check it out at Adam’s website. Our track of the month is a solo acoustic version of an original composition, Blues for Bert, from Shifting Units.

June’s Featured Artist:  Jean Ritchie

Jean Ritchie, Appalachian dulcimist, singer, and composer, died recently. She was responsible for bringing the mountain dulcimer out of Appalachia and into the awareness general American public. She was a leader in the American folk Music revival of the 1960’s. Here’s a look at her rendition of Barbry Allen, an old English folk song. Then check out her rendition of Shady Grove, a widely-performed and much-loved folk song.

May’s Featured Artist:  Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon, Irish accordionist, plays Irish traditional music and has incorporated many other musical influences … such as ska, reggae, Steve Earle, John Prine, and even hip-hop into her music. She played in an Irish band at the age of 8 and first toured the U.S. at the age of 14.