Wanderers Heading West

The Way Down Wanderers, a hot young 5-piece modern Americana group out of Chicago, will be appearing at the Mendon Mountain Music Festival and the Stokes Nature Center in the Logan, Utah area on June 20th and June 21st.

The Way Down Wanderers
The Way Down Wanderers

The Way-Down Wanderers are known for audience-engaging sing-alongs, lively stage shows, and the free unplugged concerts they call “restSTOMPS” they often play randomly at rest stops along their travel routes. They are professionally-trained musicians (and you can hear it!) and were named Chicago’s “Emerging artists of the year, 2014” in a people’s choice poll.

Here’s an audio sample of their music, a lively little song called Dead Birds:

The group has an extensive tour planned this summer. According to Staley Krause, the band’s manager, “We still can’t really believe that we’re playing The Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado. But we love the little small town shows. They’re very authentic and you get to know the people you’re playing for. We’re excited about Mendon Mountain in northern Utah. Jason Christensen, Mendon Mountain Music Festival organizer, contacted us about playing the festival, and honestly, he is the whole reason we are touring out West. He’s such a great guy and has helped us set up so many of the stops along the way.”

You can preview their “Wandering West” tour by watching a performance of Path to Follow:

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